Sports Leagues

Program Overview

MVP Sports Leagues hosts five leagues for kids and adults. Our SELECT leagues are designed for 7 v 7 flag football,  7 v 7 indoor style soccer, dodgeball, futsal plus Ultimate Frisbee. All games are played in 45 minute time slots with five-minute halftimes. Each league will include 10 games with two additional games for playoffs and championship. Our focus is on fun and family with the experience of community and high level competition. We will also be introducing our "Select" leagues for soccer and flag football.

MVP Sports Leagues offers four types of leagues for kids 5+ up to adults 40+, these include Flag Football, Soccer, Dodgeball and Futsal leagues.

  • With a 7 v 7 flag football, 7 v 7 indoor style soccer and 6 V 6 in Dodgeball.
  • Every league is designed for a fast paced and quick style of play. Rosters will be set at a minimum of 7 players soccer / 7 players football and a maximum of 12-14 team roster. Each game will be played in a 45 minute time slot with a 5 min halftime.
  • U5-U8 will play four 10 min quarters with a 5 minute halftime.
  • U9 and up will be two 20 minute halves with a 5 minute halftime.
  • Each league will include a 10 game regular season schedule with the potential of two additional weeks of playoff and championship game. Our focus is on family and having fun with the experience of community and competition.
  • All games will be played at the MVP Sports Complex located at 3058 W. Washington St, Stephenville.

Code of Conduct


Players, Spectators and Coaches 

MVP Athlete Training Center and Sports Complex, in its continuing effort to improve the enjoyment of leagues and programs for all parties involved, is instituting our code of conduct for all parties involved with MVP Athlete Training Center and Sports Complex. Above all else remember that this is a recreational league where the emphasis is placed on learning and development, not winning. By participating with MVP Athlete in any capacity you agree to the code of conduct set forth in this document and will conduct yourself in a sportsmanlike manner. 

  • Conduct themselves in a manner that represents MVP Athlete with honor, dignity, and respect.  
  • Demonstrate the qualities of civility and sportsmanship at all times.  
  • Not use vulgar, abusive, racist, sexist, demeaning, or intimidating language at any time.
  • Support the players, coaches, and officials in a positive manner.  
  • Treat the visiting team, coaches, and fans with courtesy and respect at all times.  
  • Not engage in cheers that are vulgar, inappropriate, or demeaning. 
  • Refrain from throwing objects for any reason.  
  • Not become inebriated or belligerent. 
  • Refrain from entering the field of play/team restricted areas at any time, including after the game. 

I hereby agree that if I fail to conform my conduct to the Youth Sports Code of Conduct I will be subject to disciplinary action including, but not limited to the following depending on the severity of the offense: 

  1. Verbal or Written warning 
  2. Suspension or ejection from current game or event 
  3. Suspension from future games or events
  4. Suspension from ALL facility activities indefinitely